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Hi, I’m Brian


Board games are my hobby. If I have free time I spend it either designing or playing board games or doing some project associated with the hobby. I am most active in the hobby with Pub Meeple, a gaming group who enjoys the hobby in the same ways I do. You can find most of my written work or DIY projects there.

This site is intended to be a place to get to know a bit more about me as a designer and about my games. I will post occasional updates about games I am working on or news regarding my quest to publish a game.

I have found that designing board games satisfies my need to be creative more than any other activity. I feel very fortunate to have discovered this about myself. Many people go through life without ever finding pursuits that resonate with them. I have. I love working with and molding interesting and efficient systems, the process of organizing my thoughts, and then communicating this through the rules and graphic design of the game.

Find My Other Work

Pub Meeple

You can find most of my written work here such as reviews, foam core inserts or thoughts on design. We also produce other board game related videos.

Foam Core Inserts

I like to create foam core inserts for my games to improve set up time and so they are better organized. I share my plans so that others can use them if they wish.

Board Games and Design on Flipboard

I do a lot of reading about board game design. Then I put the best articles I find in a Flipboard magazine so that you can just read the best. Subscribe to get articles that I have hand-picked.

Game Design Updates

The Epics are Coming – Part 2

If you missed the first post in this series you can check it out here. It will give you the basic flavor for the game. Let's talk about the engine that runs Rise of the Epics. Like many cooperative games, Rise of the Epics is a juggling act. There are lots of things...

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The Epics are Coming – Part 1

It is finally time to start talking about another of my games in development called Rise of the Epics. Normally I start talking about my games pretty early; probably too early, but I like to interact with people about my ideas. This one has been under my hat for a...

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Mechanism: Workers with Resources

In every worker placement game I have seen players have their worker pool and their resource pool. Workers are a unique type of resource as they are the one that trigger actions for the player. They give the player the ability to take actions. Normally, players use...

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These are the words I use to point me in the direction I want to go when designing a game. Not every game will have all of these to the fullest extent but I want my games to have a mix of these traits:



The point of playing a game is to have fun. Players should look forward to getting the game out and it should be fun when they do.



The game should hold players attentions through interesting decisions that create good tension. Players should stay engaged with the game whether it is their turn or not.



Players need to be interacting with their fellow players no matter how direct or indirect that interaction is. This is what makes a game unsolvable since you cannot exactly predict what choices other players will make that will affect you.



The game should closely marry deep theme with refined mechanisms. Ideally these two things should meet in the middle.



Players should be able to immerse themselves in the theme of the game, allowing them a distraction from the stresses of life.



The game should create memorable moments that are talked about after the game. Players should feel they were involved in a narrative or story.