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Trade Deadline is the second game I started designing after First Contact. Unfortunately it hasn’t had much attention recently. I need to give it more since it really is close to a play testing state. It is a card trading/set collection game with a round of Pit-like speed trading at the end.

In the game players take on the role of a baseball team’s general manager. It is their job to put together the most talented team they can before the trade deadline hits. Players will do this by “fielding” Ball Player cards from a hand of cards onto a field board or trading with other players to get the Ball Players they need. Ball Players have several attributes that players must consider:

  • General position – outfield, infield, pitcher, catcher
  • Type – slugger, runner, fielder
  • Salary – how much they eat into your salary cap
  • Talent (or skill) – how good a player they are.
  • Compatibility – players with matching compatibility symbols will play better together, producing some extra talent for the team.

Players will also be able to get coach and negotiation cards. Coach cards allow players to modify something about a fielded player like their talent, compatibility, or type. Negotiation cards make a player cheaper to have on your team. Each player will start with a salary cap they must stay under but this can be increased throughout the game.


The game starts during the regular season. Each player is dealt a starting hand of cards and they must decide on a player from their hand to field immediately out of those cards. On a player’s turn they can do one of the following:

  • Draw cards – either 2 from the deck or 1 from a group of face up cards
  • Trade – trade Ball Players, salary or a combination.
  • Field a player – place a Ball Player in their field and move their talent and salary tracks accordingly.

After a round is completed (all players have had a turn) players will Play Ball! A card is turned up that represents teams they must play depending on their current talent level. Then can play cards from their hand to temporarily increase their team’s talent. If they win they can increase their salary cap, draw two cards, or immediately field a player from their hand.

There will a certain number of these team cards in a deck for players to play against and once they are gone the players will move into the final phase of the game: the Trade Deadline phase.

During the Trade Deadline phase players will lay their hands face up in front of them so all information will be available to all players. A timer will start and players will have that amount of time to make trade deals to complete their team. This trading phase is free-for-all with players making trades as quickly as they can to get what they need. When the timer runs out players can field any players they have received in trade. Total Talent is tallied and the player with the highest Talent wins.

Here are the current rules for the game if you want more information.

This game is very close to being ready to play test. All I need to do is get the cards printed and cut out and give it a shot. I hope to have an update on this one soon.

If you want more information you can check out the current version of the rules.

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