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The Epics are Coming – Part 1

by | Aug 22, 2015 | 0 comments

It is finally time to start talking about another of my games in development called Rise of the Epics. Normally I start talking about my games pretty early; probably too early, but I like to interact with people about my ideas. This one has been under my hat for a while mainly because I haven’t known how to handle talking about it. It is based on the book Steelheart CoverSteelheart by Brandon Sanderson. You might have heard of it. (If you have not, do yourself a favor and go read it right now!) So it is a game based on someone else’s intellectual property. Recent events have made me think it is time to unveil it so let’s get to it. Let’s start with the introduction to the game:

I’ve got some cool news, bad news, and good news. First, the cool news: people have started gaining super powers! Comic books are coming to life. Now the bad news: only bad people get these super powers. Really bad people. They are known as Epics. You know what that means. Mayhem and destruction ending in dictatorial rule. We the People are now We the Subservient.   Are you ready for the good news now? I thought you might be. Here it is: all Epic’s have a weakness. That’s right! No matter how powerful they are they have a hidden weakness that can be exploited to take them down! Oh, I forgot to mention that their weakness is hidden? Well, I didn’t say this good news was all good. But even if they are hidden there are ways of finding them out and exploiting them.   Hello and welcome to the Reckoners! We are the last hope of average humanity. We devote ourselves to the study and removal of the Epic’s that rule over us. Care to join up? It’s quite dangerous and the benefit package mostly consists of weapons. There’s no guarantee of survival against these beings with god-like powers but there is hope that we can deliver a better tomorrow for the normal people.

Rise of the Epics is a cooperative game that puts players in the roles of Reckoner team members. They must operate in a hostile and dangerous city while collecting evidence to research the Ruling Epic’s weakness, remove them from power, and bring peace to the people of the city.

During the game players will try to maintain a semi-safe operating environment by keeping the Epic’s control in check, complete missions that will help them towards their goal, and gather evidence of the Epic’s weakness all while staying safe. Reckoners must act covertly without being visible to the Epic’s network of security and surveillance, but sometimes risks must be taken to achieve their goal. The riskier their actions, the more chance they will be noticed, putting the Ruling Epic on alert and making operating in the city more dangerous. If they draw too much attention before they discover the weakness, the Ruling Epic will come down from on high to destroy them as Epics are wont to do. That is the basic flavor of the game. My goal is to design a game of high tension where players have to push their luck in order to win. They will not be able to just sit back. They will have to take risks, chancing a super villain’s wrath, in order to deliver peace to an oppressed population. Even though this is still just a passion project for me I am really hoping it can be something more. I’d love for players to be able to sit down, immerse themselves in this world, and feel they are struggling for humanities freedom as a team of Reckoners. Click here to read Part 2 where I detail out some of the concepts and mechanisms of the game.

Please note: the header image for this post is from the cover of Steelheart. It is not associated with my game.

Rise of the Epics is a game of high tension as players race to discover the Ruling Epic’s weakness before they themselves are discovered.

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